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roman yumatov

Román Yumatov, M.A.

Licensed Psychoanalyst



About Me
I am a psychoanalyst in private practice in New York (NYSED License No. 001056) and internationally, and THE ONLY Licensed Psychoanalyst in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
I speak English, Spanish (hablo español) and Russian (говорю по-русски).
I attained my graduate degree in psychoanalysis (with distinction) and Sigmund Freud Memorial Prize at The University of Essex (U.K.).
I have studied and taught, published in and practiced psychoanalysis internationally (in Asia, Europe, U.S. and Mexico) for over 12 years.
Clinically, I have experience with a variety of challenges that all of us may face: ranging from anxiety and depression, sadness and loneliness, loss and relationship issues to trauma and abuse, as well as difficulties concerning creativity, sexuality and gender.
In my experience, attentive listening, thorough understanding and saying what needs to be known — without impatience, judgement or superficiality — had helped many people, who were seeking both profound and enduring change.
If you are curious about knowing yourself better and improving your life, relationships and creativity, psychoanalysis might enhance — or even be — your life-changing endeavor.
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