roman yumatov


Licensed Psychoanalyst



“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.”
Sigmund Freud
• Once we meet and if both of us agree to work together, we will discuss the fee arrangement, as well as the frequency and schedule of sessions.
• If you happen to have it, using your insurance coverage for out-of-network mental health services may be an option. Please check directly with your insurance provider.
• We shall meet for 50 minutes per session. You are expected to be on-time, as no extra time is generally allotted in case if you are late (for instance, if you happen to be 30 minutes late, we will only meet for 20 minutes). Regular fee is to be paid, regardless of tardiness. (Lateness, rescheduling and cancellations, as well as issues related to fee/payment, can have significant meaning in, and impact on, the treatment.)
• If you must miss a session, please let me know as soon as you know. Keep in mind, however, that I charge for missed sessions, even if you cancel in-advance. Depending on the reason(s) why a session was missed, it may potentially be rescheduled, if both of our schedules permit us to do so. It is not guaranteed that a missed session will be rescheduled, but it must be paid for in any case. This is because your sessions are valuable time allocated specifically to and for you, though how and whether you use them is up to you..
• On my part, I will let you know, as soon as I am aware of my need to be late or to cancel a session (even though this doesn’t happen often). When possible, I will make arrangements to make up for the time or a session missed and will discuss these arrangements with you, so as to make sure they are agreeable.
• I will also let you know in-advance about my planned time away. (Your reaction to my planned, as well as unplanned, absences can also have significant meaning, which we can certainly think about together.)
I will work together with you to help elucidate and understand anything that feels confusing and brings suffering, including your past and present, your relation to yourself and others, your thoughts and feelings, wishes and desires, fears and anxieties, and altogether any difficulties and challenges you may be facing — and I will do so observing your fundamental right to privacy and confidentiality of the treatment process.
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