roman yumatov


Licensed Psychoanalyst


“Thinking with feeling, and feeling with thinking.”
Dr Vivian Eskin [my supervisor]
I am available to mental health professionals worldwide for psychoanalytic supervision of their clinical work. This would generally mean that the patient you would like help with in supervision is seen by you at least once-a-week, every week and you are willing to work with this person psychoanalytically.
It is desired, though not required, that you have had previous experience with psychoanalysis, such as: studying psychoanalytic theory and/or technique, attending psychoanalytic seminars and/or supervision, undertaking a psychoanalytic treatment of your own.
Supervision is conducted once-weekly, at the time that is agreeable to both of us, for 50 minutes per meeting. You are expected to produce process notes (written notes of the session) that you would like to be helped with; it is possible to address more than one session during one supervision hour, though it would not be as detailed as examining the process. It is also possible to address any particular issues of concern arising in the treatment (e.g., an impasse) and/or in you as the therapist (e.g., your counter-transference), without the use of detailed process.
Please feel free to contact me, if psychoanalytic supervision is of interest to you.
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