roman yumatov

Román Yumatov, M.A.

Licensed Psychoanalyst



“If we have become able, deep in our unconscious minds, to clear our feelings to some extent (...) of grievances, (...) then we can be at peace with ourselves and are able to love others in the true sense of the word.”
Melanie Klein
I am a Member of The American Psychoanalytic Association.
In New York City, I am on Faculty of the Adult Program at The Metropolitan Institute for Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and also on Faculty at The Institute for Expressive Analysis.
Internationally, I have been presenting psychoanalytic papers on the matters of sexuality and gender, as well as teaching various courses on psychoanalytic theory and interdisciplinary topics (e.g., psychoanalysis and queer theory).
Additionally, since 2018, I have been leading a study group on the work of Melanie Klein and her followers, as well as a clinical seminar, with an international group of psychiatrists and psychologists (some of whom are also in clinical supervision with me).
We generally meet bi-weekly for 9–10 months per year: once-a-month for the (theoretical) study group and once-a-month for the clinical seminar.
It is not required that one be a mental health professional, as these seminars are open to anyone with an interest in psychoanalytic theory and/or technique; and one may choose to be a part of only one or both of these groups.
Please contact me for more details, if participating in the Klein(ian) study group and/or the clinical seminar might be of interest to you.
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